A ColaLife video edit with Amanda (aged 10)

I can’t believe I’ve only just spotted this. It was uploaded way back in June. Amanda, aged 10, explains ColaLife on behalf of the Buckminster Fuller Challenge. I need to send Amanda an AidPod kit! Thanks Amanda ūüôā

Progress Report 28/09/10

Children of Mikindani, Tanzania with a model Mark III AidPod, January 2009 Image credit: Tim Dench ¬† Next moves 5,500 children die every day in Africa before the age of 5. This initiative could save thousands and thousands of children’s lives through positive engagement between the private and NGO sector. Field trip to Zambia in […]

Progress Report – 30/4/10

Children of Mikindani, Tanzania with a model Mark III AidPod, January 2009 Image credit: Tim Dench May 1988 – May 2008 – the first 7,305 days – no progress! May 1988 Had the idea while working on the British Aid Programme in NE Zambia that Coca-Cola’s distribution muscle could be used to distribute oral rehydration […]

Positive engagement and unlikely partnerships

This is a great comment at the news of ColaLife reaching the semi-finals of the Buckminster Fuller Challenge which I will use to strengthen my response to one of the most common questions I get asked about ColaLife: ‘How can you possibly even consider working with a company like Coca-Cola?’ ¬†(That’s a polite version). Although […]

ColaLife is a Buckminster Fuller semi-finalist

Spot the ColaLife imagery in the collage above It was announced last night (17/2/10) that ColaLife is through to the semi-finals of the global Buckminster Fuller Challenge. This is brilliant news. It’s ¬†exactly the sort of recognition we need and yet again raises the credibility of the ColaLife concept. It’s time to move on from […]

A to Z of 2010 ColaLife priorities

AidPod Move from Mark III model through prototyping to manufacture for trials. Buckminster Fuller Challenge Do everything possible to win the Buckminster Challenge and generate as much PR as possible in the process. Commitment Continue to be totally committed to getting the ColaLife concept trialled and properly evaluated. Simon Berry to commit to ColaLife full […]

Top 10 achievements for 2009

1. Coca-Cola agree to trial ‘the ideas behind ColaLife’ on the BBC Radio 4 iPM programme on 25/4/09. Here is an extract of the interview (0m 51s): Coca-Cola’s commitment to ColaLife | 25 04 2009 | EXTRACT by colalife The full interview is here on SoundCloud (4m 51s). 2. AidPod design modified through to the […]

Convening Power

I have a great debt of gratitude to those who joined us in the great Open Innovation Exchange (OIE) experiment which I ended up getting a lot of credit for but was really the brain child of David Wilcox et al. The Open Innovation Exchange developed a competitive bid for a UK Government contract in […]

Executive Summary of the ColaLife Development Plan

We have been prompted to¬†produce a Development Plan¬†by ColaLife progressing to the second stage of the Buckminster Fuller Challenge – we are one of 35 from 215 entries. This plan builds on a Business Plan that has been under development for some time! Here is the Executive summary.¬†Copies of the full development plan have been […]

ColaLife is through the first stage of the Buckminster Fuller Challenge

We have just heard that ColaLife is through the first stage of the Buckminster Fuller Challenge. The email said: Your project was selected out of one of the strongest pools in quality of entries that we’ve seen to date. Over 200 projects were reviewed from all over the world. This is a significant milestone for […]