Making use of unused space – can you help?

The ColaLife AidPod makes use of unused space in a Coca-Cola crate. Could you use the unused space on your Twitter page to promote ColaLife? By changing the background image to your Twitter page, all the people visiting will see information about ColaLife. I wonder how many people we can get to do this for […]

Plans for Tanzania trip

Image credit: Rory McCann I’m packing for the big trip! Here is an outline of my plans. The most important thing to note though is that I intend to load a daily report here starting on the evening of Tuesday, 24/11 (internet connection permitting – but I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to get one). […]

Telephone conference with Coca Cola – 5/6/08

Here is a summary of the telephone conference with Coca Cola. Representatives from Coca Cola: Euan Wilmshurst Manager, Stakeholder Engagement Coca-Cola Global Stakeholder Team Salvatore Gabola Global Director Stakeholder Relations Representative from this group: Simon Berry Introductions (see annex 1) I started by outlining the idea and how it had progressed to become a group […]