What’s in a name?

From time to time, we are asked if any corporates who use the word ┬áCola object to our using it – isn’t it part of their ‘brand’ or Intelletual Property, people ask? In fact, there are over 200 different brown fizzy drinks in the world referred to as ‘Cola‘ – and the word is generic, […]

Are Coca-Cola going to be first or are they just going to follow?

I’ve been thinking (always dangerous). And I predict that, in 10 years time, it will be considered unethical for a commercial operation to indulge in mono-product distribution in developing countries. I think this will be indefensible both from a social and environmental point of view. I reckon that if anyone says “We distribute xyz (=commercial […]

Calling all innovative designers

Let’s project ourselves 12 weeks into the future and imagine that by then Coca-Cola will have committed to undertake trials of our idea in east Africa. And let’s imagine all the answers we will have to come up with. Like “How are we going to incorporate non-Coke items in Coca-Cola crates?” Questions like this spark […]