What Plum Neasmith did for ColaLife

Do you buy original art? Are you moving house and need more than a few posters to hang on the wall? If you do or are, then please visit ArtPlatform, a brilliant initiative founded by Nicole Herbert. ArtPlatform is a market place for art that also supports selected charities. The way it works is that artists […]

Things take off everywhere

This week has been a high-energy week. It has really felt like ColaLife has taken off here in Zambia while others beaver away in other countries. Let me deal with the trial first. On Tuesday, supported by our trial advisor Rohit, in Canada, UNICEF Zambia issued a call for Expressions of Interest in the monitoring and […]

For the love of art and good causes

On Monday (11/7/11) I spotted the above tweet from Nichole Herbert, the brains behind ArtPlatform. It caught my attention because Sherina Rezvani pour is one of the artists who has already pledged a piece of her art to ColaLife through the ArtPlatform. Then the tweet below came through: Thank you Sherina! This is the latest […]