Coca-Cola say ‘Yes’ (probably) to trials this year

Image credit: Alison Pearson. Thanks to the children of the N’gombe Compound in Lusaka, Zambia. A handful of ColaLife supporters attended the publicĀ  Business Fights Poverty event at the Commonwealth Club last night to hear Euan Wilmshurst, Stakeholder Engagement Manager, The Coca-Cola Company, give a qualified YES to trials of the ColaLife idea before the […]

Yes, I understand. But what about the 20% child mortality?

Image credit: Alison Pearson I knew today was going to be a bit of a challenge. Me, a ‘spare-timer’, going into an environment of development professionals. So although I was prepared I did feel I needed to reassure myself of the child mortality figures one more time. How bad is it really? How do the […]

An AidPod Made in Zambia!

Image credit: Alison Pearson This is the first AidPod to be made in Africa (to my knowledge). And it was made in Zambia which is where the ColaLife idea was born way back in 1988. My friend Alison has been volunteering in Zambia for a couple of decades (or more) and currently helps out in […]