Testing, testing, 123 testing

The testing processes that PI Global have put into place for the AidPod have been extensive and thorough. 1 Selection of the sealing film Firstly, four different sealing films were heat-sealed to the AidPod and then subjected to under-water pressure tests. The pressure was reduced  to -300mB and held for 1 minute to stress the […]

The branded ADKs – an image

It’s taken a while but here’s an image of the production ADKs with the latest version of the branding. The customer consultation group work concluded last week and ‘Kit Yamoyo’, with the literal photograph of mother with child, was by far the most popular ‘brand’. Clever, aspirational logos did not fare well. Kit Yamoyo means […]

From AidPod to Anti-Diarrhoea Kit (ADK)

Apologies for all the posts recently about packaging. It is a major focus at the moment but it’ll soon pass! I thought it would be useful to describe how the packaging and the components have now come together to form the anti-diarrhoea kit (ADK). Until the start of the set-up period of the trial we […]

Wanted: Financial sustainability consultant

While we progress the ColaLife trial (COTZ) here in Zambia we are also working on a voluntary basis supporting our trustees to run the ColaLife Charity back in the UK. As part of this work, we are looking for a consultant to help us develop a financial sustainability plan for ColaLife ‘the organisation’. We are […]

Going off-piste! ORS sachet size

The skiers amongst you will know that there are big risks when going off-piste but the rewards are usually wonderful unless something awful happens. This is the territory we are in right now with the trial, as we find out, from both customers and world experts, what they think would work best. In our original […]

Packaging Fest at PI Global

We had a great day on Wednesday. Eric, the head of the AidPod team at PI Global had pulled together all those involved in the final stages of the packaging workpackage to review options and look at dependencies. Key players at this point are Charpak who will be manufacturing the AidPod container and lid; Amcor […]

The great unveiling – the production AidPod – the Mark XI

Tim Llewellyn of PI Global describes the latest version of the AidPod (Mark XI) over Skype Yesterday (28/3/12) was a big day. The highly anticipated Skype meeting with our packaging partner to present what is likely to be the version of the AidPod that will go into production was postponed from 11am to 3pm to […]

AidPod Version History – Mark I to Mark X

The progression of an idea in pictures. Click on the thumbnails below to see a gallery of pictures of each version of the AidPod from Mark I (November 2008) to Mark X (March 2012). It’s taken more than 3 years but we are nearly there. Final prototypes (Mark XI) are expected on site next week. […]

Pack of innovation – your ORS: shaken, not stirred

Who knew that packaging could be so exciting? We’re delighted with the way PI Global has taken our ideas and made them into a functional reality. In fact, there is a chance that our original innovation, that has captured everyone’s imagination – the piggy-backing of simple medicines on the Coca-Cola secondary distribution system – may […]

Our response to the PRA – the AidPod Mark VIII

The AidPod moved to a new level of refinement this week in response to the challenge presented to us by Zambia’s Pharmaceutical Regulatory Authority (PRA). We had shown them the previous version (pictured) which I featured here. The PRA had an issue with soap being in the same kit as ORS and Zinc. There are […]