Announcing the AidPod Mark VIb

We had a bit of a fright when we went to the local Supermarket to buy a crate of Coca-Cola for a presentation we are giving this week to find that the predictable had happened and Zambia Breweries (SABMiller), the Coca-Cola bottler, had capitalised on the new lighter and stumpier bottles we reported on earlier […]

Tying up the loose ends from Week 1 in Zambia

There’s never a dull moment with ColaLife. Group Skyping with our fellow trustees from Zambia; is Ka-Pakati the new name for the AidPod in Zambia?; Coca-Cola change their crates and our response -> the AidPod Mark VI; meeting up with our friends at Keepers Zambia Foundation; and news that our trial advisor will be joining […]