Exploring the links between international business and poverty reduction

Last Thursday I highlighted a public webinar that then took place on Friday (8/4/11) to discuss the report on the ‘Poverty Footprinting’ work undertaken by SABMiller, Coca-Cola and Oxfam in Zambia and El Salvador. ‘Poverty Footprinting’ is a technique being used by Oxfam to assess the impacts big businesses have on the local communities they operate […]

Poverty Footprints, SABMiller, Oxfam and ColaLife | Webinar

Last Tuesday, 29 /3/11, was a big day in the ColaLife world of cross-sector partnerships that do extraordinary things. Two significant things happened. The first was the release, by Oxfam America, The Coca-Cola Company, and SABMiller of The poverty footprint analysis on the SABMiller/Coca-Cola value chain in El Salvador and Zambia (Report download, PDF, 3.7 MB). […]