Earth Beat ColaLife Interview | 4/3/11

At the end of February, while walking the dog, I got a call from Louise Stoddard a producer for the Earth Beat Programme on Radio Netherlands Worldwide. She was interested to hear about ColaLife – Louise had heard about us through our friends at Africa Gathering. Anyway the outcome of this is that I was […]

Emmanuel Jal winds up Africa Gathering

Africa Gathering came to an emotional end for three reasons: Emmanuel Jal – the now musician (Peter Gabriel compares him to the young Bob Marley) – but once Child Soldier told us about bits of his young life. Horrendous to a level you would not believe. That’s all I’m saying. You’ll have to read the […]

Tracking the Giant AidPod’s progress towards Africa Gathering

Just for fun . . . this map will track our progress in getting the Giant AidPod to the Africa Gathering event tonight. We should get there by about 5pm. If you are nearby and see us – give us a wave (and a shout)!

The Buzz builds for Africa Gathering

Africa Gathering is a bunch of innovators and enthusiasts for the development in Africa; Ed Scotcher and┬áMark Simpkins are leading lights. They kindly allowed me to present the ColaLife story at their first UK event back in April (2009) >>more. Ed and Mark have also been generous with their networks and I have made some […]

Further evidence of need – the Guardian’s Katine Project

Image credit: Katine Project, Guardian Newspapers Following the ColaLife presentation at last week’s Africa Gathering, we have been asked to provide an article to feature on the website that supports the Katine Project. This meant that Jane, who volunteered to write the article, had to do a bit of research into Katine. Anyway, here are […]

ColaLife – the story so far – 25/4/09

The ColaLife Story So Far – 25/4/09 on Slideshare View more presentations from s1m0nb3rry. Here’s the presentation I gave yesterday at the Africa Gathering event at Birkbeck College, London. The audio was added retrospectively. The ‘Live’ version was a lot more fun! But all the facts are here. The videos and audio mentioned in the […]