Introducing the Mark IV AidPod

A comparison of the cross-section of the Mark III (right) and Mark IV (left) AidPods. Hand-written numbers are volume calculations. I was ruthless in the way I took advantage of a visit from my daughter over the weekend. Sorry (and thanks) Emma! You see, she can use Adobe Illustrator and I can’t (note to self: […]

WANTED AidPod makers . . .

You can now make your own ColaLife AidPods! All you need is two bits of A4 card, some scissors, some glue and a printer (or someone else’s!). Here’s what you need to do: 1 Download both parts of the pattern: AidPod Net A4 Part1.pdf AidPod Net A4 Part2.pdf 2 Print them out. NOTE: Make sure […]