Announcing the AidPod Mark VIb

We had a bit of a fright when we went to the local Supermarket to buy a crate of Coca-Cola for a presentation we are giving this week to find that the predictable had happened and Zambia Breweries (SABMiller), the Coca-Cola bottler, had capitalised on the new lighter and stumpier bottles we reported on earlier […]

Why Nigel and Bill are cycling for ColaLife

This video will give you some idea why Nigel and Bill want your support to raise money for ColaLife. You can sponsor Bill here or Nigel here. So how might ColaLife have helped Agnes and saved her niece’s life? Well, in several ways: ColaLife will get ADKs (Anti-Diarrhoea Kits), packed within AidPods, to community shops […]

Another innovation using PET bottles

Regular readers will know that we are very interested in the SODIS process which uses clear plastic bottles and sunlight to kill the pathogens in water and make it safe to drink (previous blogs on SODIS). Well here is another innovative use for PET bottles which I was pointed to today through Twitter. A sun […]

A mini AidPod anyone?

I had a great meeting yesterday with Chris Griffin at the PI Global offices in London talking about the packaging aspects of the trial. I was also able to loan him the various bottles and a crate, on loan to me from Zambian Breweries. These will obviously be crucial in defining the cross-section of the AidPod. We […]

Why FREE won’t work for ColaLife

A retail kiosk on the Road from Mpika to Kasama, NE Zambia Giving things away free to people who need them but can’t possibly afford them seems, on the face of it, to be a totally reasonable thing to do. We rate generosity, philanthropy –  it’s the right thing to do. However, there are consequences, […]

Zambia Diary | Day 8, Visit 3 | From lowlight to highlight

On Tuesday night (17/5/11) I was worried when a potential problem was revealed to me that I hadn’t even thought about. Fortunately, we don’t get a lot of unpleasant surprises in ColaLife because we have been kicking the concept around our thousands of supporters for three years and this has meant that a lot of the issues […]

Zambia Diary | Days 2-5, Visit 3 | UNICEF, MoH, KZF, MSL and Baltimore

It’s been a busy and varied few days. A lot of the weekend was spent preparing for the workshop UNICEF had asked Jane to run on ‘Participatory Techniques’. The image above is of her doing just that into the evening. This request came after the workshop Jane ran on our last visit to pull stakeholders […]