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ColaLife is a supporter-driven initiative and it is our supporters who give us the essential power we need to make ColaLife a reality in different places across the developing world.


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  1. This really is the cumunation of great Passion, Forethought, Compromise and Consumerism. Congrat’s I’m a life long fan 🙂

  2. I was wondering if you hire Americans for in country work. I am in healthcare in WI, but my heart is in Zambia!! Let me know

  3. Sarah Lewis says


    I second Sara’s request for employment information, please.

    I worked on a team with the World Health Organization Collaborating Center in Pharmaceutical Policy and with Harvard Medical School addressing policies regarding access to and use of essential medicines in vulnerable populations. We talked a lot about the Coca-Cola supply chain model — to see your organization acting on this model is more than inspiring. I’d be excited to collaboratively make your designs and delivery a success!

    Kind regards,

    Sarah Lewis
    Global MBA

  4. onah collins chijindu says

    my name is collins from Nigeria
    i would like to know if colalife have any program ongoing now in Nigeria
    or if they are planning to have one in future time.

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