Setting up a ColaLife fundraising page

Raising money for ColaLife
Setting up your own fundraising page on CharityGiving

This is what we are aiming for – an online page where your supporters can donate online:

CharityGiving Fundraising Page

Here is a step by step guide to achieving this.

1. Go to theCharityGiving website at

a. Click on ‘Fundraising’ on the blue menu bar
b. Click on ‘Create Your Page’

2. Set up your CharityGiving account

a. Complete the contact details form and choose a password for your fundraising account
b. Click the ‘Continue’ button

3. Select ColaLife as your charity

a. In the first search box enter ‘colalife’ and click the ‘Search’ button
b. ColaLife will be listed
c. Click on the word ‘ColaLife’ in the listing

4. Enter the event type

a. Select the type of event eg: Cycling
b. Enter the date(s)
c. Click the ‘Continue’ button

5. Enter your fundraising page details

a. Check to see if the event is in the dropdown list. If it is, select it and go to step 5c below
b. Otherwise, enter the event details by hand: the event name, the date(s) and the location
c. A default name is provided for your fundraising page – leave this as it is unless you have a good reason for changing it. Leave the ‘Just me’ box with a tick in it.
d. Review the text given for your page and add to it or amend it to make it ‘more you’ (you will be able to edit this text after you have set you page up during your fundraising campaign)
e. Enter a fundraising target. This is highly recommended as it gives you and your supporters something to aim for. Again, you will be able to change your target during your fundraising campaign.
f. If people have already sponsored you by giving you cash or a cheque, then enter the total amount in the box provided. During your campaign not all money will come through the fund raising page you are now setting up. As you receive cash/cheque donations you can return to your CharityGiving account and amend the amount raised offline. As you amend the amount raised offline this will be reflected in the progress towards your target that will be displayed on your fundraising page.

6. Choose the web address (url) for your page

a. A suggested url will be displayed for your fundraising. You can change this or leave it as it is before checking to see if the url you have chosen is available. Hint: You might want to make your url ColaLife specific and follow this format: where xxxxxx is your name (no spaces)
b. Once you’ve entered a url click the ‘Check Availability’ button
c. If your choice is available you will be receive a message saying your page has been created.
d. If the url you chose is already taken then you will have to amend the url and check availability again (ie repeat steps 6a and 6b again until you choose a url that is not already in use.
e. Make a note of your page’s url. This is the url (link) you should send to your supporters so that they can make online donations.

7. Tweaking your page and adding a more personal thank-you message

a. If you now click the ‘Continue’ button you can amend the details of your page and add other bits an pieces like additional images and a video. This is where you can change you target and amend the amounts raised offline.
b. On this page, amend the thank you message that will automatically be sent to those who donate. Why not include a link to the ColaLife website:
c. Click the ‘Save Your Changes’ button

8. Maintaining and amending your page. To return to this page at any time proceed as follows:

a. Go to the login page:
b. Enter your email address and password
c. Click the ‘Login’ button
d. Choose the ‘Manage Fundraising Pages’ option

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