Retailer maps

>> How to use these maps (skip to the key and guide at the bottom of this page)

Visit status 27-Jan-17




Google Maps Green Pin Last visited this month
Google Maps Yellow Pin Last visited 2 months ago
Google Maps Orange Pin Last visited 3 months ago
Google Maps Red Pin Last visited more than 3 months ago (or never visited)

How to use these maps

Google Maps Retailer Details Click view the map’s side pane. This will display the map key or the details of the retailer selected.
Google Maps Pin Click on a pin to show the retailer’s details in the map’s side pane.
Google Maps View Full Screen Click to view the map full-screen (recommended).
Google Maps Hand Click and hold anywhere on the map (except a pin) to move the map around the screen.
Google Maps Zoom In Zoom Out Click on the + button to zoom in and the – button to zoom out (make things smaller).
Google Maps Share Click on this button to reveal various options for sharing this map with others.