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This is the information we currently have on Nigeria. If you can fill any of the gaps please do so by commenting below.

Estimated number of local ORS Manufacturers: unknown (but there are several and there are several manufacturers of Zinc too.
Is Zinc classified as an ‘over the counter’ medicine? Yes.
Is there a positive attitude to private sector involvement in health? Yes and this is a priority in the National Health Plan 2010-2015 (PDF 6.2 MB).
Is ORS/Zinc mentioned in the Ministry of Health’s strategy? Yes but not co-packaged ORS/Zinc and there appears to be no emphasis on improving access to ORS/Zinc.
Strength of ColaLife’s contact network (0=weak, 5=strong): 3 – through links with international organisations. We do not have our own direct local links.
Is there interest in adapting ColaLife’s experience from Zambia? Yes – we have a potential champion identified.

Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country (174 million) and has one of the highest levels of child mortality (12.8%) and so is a high priority for engagement.
Last updated: 8-Sep-16

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  1. Femi Otitoju says

    No, the attitude towards private sector involvement in health is not positive, but they always have to get involved for a sector to thrive because the government isn’t nearly as productive.

  2. Simon Berry says

    The National Strategic Health Development Plan (NSHDP) 20110 – 2015 can be found on this link:

    This was published in Nov-10 so we can expect the next plan to be published soon. This mentions the promotion of public private partnerships. See page 54, item 7.1.1. And there are targets for the creation of these in the NSHDP Results Framework (see Page 99, Indicator 51).

    Access to Zinc for diarrhoea treatment is mentioned. See Section 3.1., pages 58 to 60.

  3. It looks like our primary relationship should be with the National Primary Healthcare Development Agency (NPHCDA) rather than the Ministry of Health:

    Child Health Week is run twice a year in May and Nov.

  4. This is an interesting document – Minimum Standards for Primary Health Care in Nigeria. It describes the facilities and services that should be available at different levels of the Primary Health Care System. It also lists the essential medicines that should be available at each level. Worryingly neither Zinc nor ORS are listed for the first level (Health Posts). you can download the document on this link:

  5. Here is the 2015 National Nutrition and Health Survey for Nigeria (3.5 MB)

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