Profile: Ghana

This is the information we currently have on Ghana. If you can fill any of the gaps please do so by commenting below.

Estimated number of local ORS Manufacturers: unknown
Is Zinc classified as an ‘over the counter’ medicine?: unknown
Is there a positive attitude to private sector involvement in health?: unknown
Is ORS/Zinc mentioned in the Ministry of Health’s strategy?: unknown
Strength of ColaLife’s contact network (0=weak, 5=strong): 1
Is there interest in adapting ColaLife’s experience from Zambia? No activity at present
Ghana has a population of 24 million but a relatively low level of child mortality (6.0%) when compared with other African countries. However, it might prove to be an early win for ColaLife to engage with, based on the level of development and the ‘ease of doing business’ here.
Last updated: 12-Jul-16

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