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Estimated number of local ORS Manufacturers: There is at least one (Epharm) but are there others? Please comment on this page if you know.
Is Zinc classified as an ‘over the counter’ medicine? unknown
Is there a positive attitude to private sector involvement in health? Yes
Is ORS/Zinc mentioned in the Ministry of Health’s strategy? Yes
Strength of ColaLife’s contact network (0=weak, 5=strong): 3
Is there interest in adapting ColaLife’s experience from Zambia? Yes
ColaLife is supporting CHAI’s ORS/Zinc initiative with design insights.
ColaLife is in on-going dialogue with CHAI Ethiopia. MoH is supportive of an ORSZ co-pack being put together at a local manufacture’s site (Epharm). A plan to assemble co-packs at Health Centres on a pilot basis did not work as donors are reportedly sending Zinc straight to Health Posts which sit below Health Centres. Epharm is one manufacturer reportedly acquiring market authorization to produce Zinc. Epharm is reported to have good pipelines, focused on life saving commodities for children. Epharm has produced ORS for nearly a decade. There is interest in making an ORSZ co-pack and offering it to the PFSA (gov’t procuring agency). This local production option would eliminate shipping costs and have the product readily available domestically. The government is very supportive of this and wants local manufacturing. Hopefully, as local manufacturers shift and meet GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) requirements, they will be able to export (est 2018?).
Last updated: 12-Jul-16

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