The Kit Yamoyo features (original AidPod version) (video)

[addendum 7-Jan-17] Note that this was the version of Kit Yamoyo used in the original trial (2012-13). It went out of production in Sep-16. It was superseded by the Flexi-pack design from Oct-15. For further information please see: How the ColaLife trial findings have influenced the design of Kit Yamoyo and The features of the Kit Yamoyo […]

ColaLife in Schools

ColaLife for Kids on Prezi There is a young and very creative teacher at Acton High School called Emma Berry (don’t ask) who wove ColaLife into a recent classroom session for year 5 children getting ready to move up to secondary school. Emma used existing ColaLife media (on Flickr and YouTube) to produce the above […]

Royal Society of Medicine presentation now live

For those of you who were unable to make the ColaLife presentation at the Royal Society of Medicine last Thursday (24/2/11), you can now watch the presentation here. This has been very cleverly put together by the guys at Inclusive Digital TV who have synchronised the video with the slides in a very effective way. A […]

A ColaLife video edit with Amanda (aged 10)

I can’t believe I’ve only just spotted this. It was uploaded way back in June. Amanda, aged 10, explains ColaLife on behalf of the Buckminster Fuller Challenge. I need to send Amanda an AidPod kit! Thanks Amanda 🙂

Zambia Diary | Day 13 | Return to Lusaka from Mpika

Not much to report from today (Saturday, 29/2/11) as the day was spent returning to Lusaka from Mpika. This return journey really brought home how far Mpika is from Lusaka (and how big Zambia is). We started off at 9.10am and arrived in Lusaka at 5:50pm. We stopped in Serenje for fuel and just south […]

Zambia Diary | Day 12 (Part 2), Visit 2 | Friday Field Trip

The last kilometre to Mpepo Rural Health Centre It takes about an hour and a half to reach Mpepo from Mpika. The Health Centre lies barely a kilometre from the tarmac road. Again we were astonished to see satellite dishes on one or two of the village houses (see above video). In Zambia, Health Centres, […]

Christmas Reception | Gandalf & the Hobbit discuss ColaLife

Here is the ‘exit interview’ video from the ColaLife Christmas Reception recorded by David Wilcox. Jane insists on calling this “The Gandalf and the Hobbit Tape”. We must make sure we are seated for all future interviews! If you can get over the hilarity of the height difference, it’s quite a nice summary. Thanks again […]

TEDx Youth Berlin | 14 November 2010

This is quick post to publish the flip video of my presentation of ColaLife at TEDx Youth Berlin yesterday (14/11/10). Thanks go to Dr Joana Breidenbach who did the filming. Joana is the founder of Today is the big day with a presentation to the main TEDx Berlin event. The event is sold out with […]

ColaLife presentation | Wieden + Kennedy | Canvas8

Thanks to the good people at Canvas8, here is a video of the ColaLife presentation given at the Wieden + Kennedy (Coca-Cola’s Advertising Agency) premises at Brick Lane on 23/6/10. There are two elements of the presentation that do not come over in the video: The Commitment from Coca-Cola to ‘trial the ideas behind ColaLife’ The […]

ColaLife FAQs Live!

Back in February 2010, ColaLife supporter, Lisa ter Haar of onlyconnectcommunication contacted me. She’d mentioned ColaLife in a lecture to her students at the Hult International Business School and they’d had lots and lots of questions. So Lisa invited me in for a question and answer session the following week (1/3/10). When I got the […]