Success: WHO adds co-packaged ORS and Zinc to its Essential Medicines List

Our application* to get co-packaged ORS and zinc on the WHO Essential Medicines List has been successful. This is game-changer. It moves ColaLife’s work out of the ‘innovation box’ into the mainstream of global children’s public health – with better designed, easier-to-dispense diarrhoea treatment available for sick children – potentially everywhere. A summary of the […]

Progress Report 28/09/10

Children of Mikindani, Tanzania with a model Mark III AidPod, January 2009 Image credit: Tim Dench   Next moves 5,500 children die every day in Africa before the age of 5. This initiative could save thousands and thousands of children’s lives through positive engagement between the private and NGO sector. Field trip to Zambia in […]

Progress Report – 1/11/08

This photo was taken by Teseum – the original is here Here is an update on the progress of the Coca Cola campaign. The headline is: HEADLINE: Coca-Cola invites ColaLife to Dar Es Sallaam! May 1988 – May 2008 – the first 7,305 days – no progress! May 1988 Had the idea while working on […]