How Coca-Cola’s distribution system works

We’ve learnt a lot over the last two years or so about how the Coca-Cola distribution systems work and we thought it would useful to summarise our current state of knowledge so that others can fill any gaps or correct any misconceptions. Please comment. The first thing to realise is that Coca-Cola is a sort […]

Breaking things down, cutting things a different way

Graphic from ColaLife Scenarios – Africa Village with shop ColaLife is a very simple idea. However, if it’s to work it will require people and organisations to work together who have never worked together before. In other words it’s complicated. This has led me to think that perhaps we should take things one step at […]

Is wealth creation the new philanthropy?

An AidPod’s view of a Coca-cola crate – so much unused space! Preparing for the Rotterdam conference has served as a reminder that the private sector is there TO MAKE MONEY. People outside the sector say to me, over and over again: “But why wouldn’t they [Coca-Cola] just do it [ColaLife]?” The answer is that they […]