Always Cola, Rarely Essential Medicines

Last week we received and email from one of our Virtual Advisory Board members, Prashant Yadav, drawing our attention to a paper just published by INSEAD and co-authored by Prashant YADAV, Orla STAPLETON and Luk N. VAN WASSENHOVE. The paper is entitled: Always Cola, Rarely Essential Medicines: Comparing Medicine and Consumer Product Supply Chains in the Developing World. A […]

ColaLife headlines in NESTA guide

Yesterday (7/7/09), at Reboot Britain, NESTA launched ‘Social By Social – A practical guide to using new technologies to deliver social impact’. ColaLife is one of the case studies featured in the online guide and headlines on the website. 🙂

Help to raise the profile of ColaLife on our Birthday

Would you like to do something really significant on the birthday of ColaLife’s Facebook Group? If yes, then please comment on these two independent articles: click on the links below and add a comment, mentioning ColaLife, to the article you see. This will really help raise our profile. Thanks. Can Big Companies Drive Development […]

ColaLife gets mention in HARVARD report

Last week the HARVARD Kennedy School and the IFC published their report into the research into Coca-Cola’s Manual Distribution System undertaken in East Africa in the summer of 2008. We reported on this here. The report can be downloaded here: harvard-ifc-mdc-summary-report-final (PDF, 2.3 MB). The good news is that ColaLife is mentioned: In November 2008, […]