A mini AidPod anyone?

I had a great meeting yesterday with Chris Griffin at the PI Global offices in London talking about the packaging aspects of the trial. I was also able to loan him the various bottles and a crate, on loan to me from Zambian Breweries. These will obviously be crucial in defining the cross-section of the AidPod. We […]

Calling all our supporters!

The sand box room at the BFI and the venue for our Christmas Reception Here’s a brilliant opportunity for 150 of our ColaLife supporters to get together in London: on 1 December at 7pm we will be hosting a Christmas Reception at the British Film Institute in London. As you all know, for the ColaLife […]

The unveiling of Mark II of the ColaLife AidPod

As promised, and a lot quicker than expected, here is the unveiling of Mark II of the ColaLife AidPod (thanks to David Wilcox at Social Reporter). The main differences between the initial prototype model and this one are: It has a hi-top that sits slightly proud of the bottles – this increases the capacity of […]

Google Project 10^100 Voting Campaign planning meeting

Just a quick note to say thanks you to everyone who came to tonight’s campaign planning meeting. It was great to shake hands with so many people I’d only met online. The room at Global Tolerance was brimming with ideas and the talent to actually implement them. We focussed ruthlessly on “how we might get […]

ColaLife AidPod – new design to be unveiled on 3/3/09

A small group of us is gathering to plan for the eventually that our entry to Google’s Project 10 to the 100th ColaLife gets through to the final 100. Google will announce the final 100 on 17 March 2009 and then the public will be asked to vote on their favourite idea. Register for a […]

Summing up. ColaLife face-to-face gathering 16/12/08

Rather than write a long report we thought we’d sum the evening up there and then. We are, left to right, Simon Berry, William Hoyle (CTT) and Simon Cohen (Global Tolerance). David Wilcox (socialreporter.com) is on the camera and Ian Crawford is asking the questions. It you’ve got 40 minutes to spare(!) you might want […]

Why are you here? ColaLife face-to-face 16/12/08

Steve Bridger Megan Riera Troy Kennedy . . . Richard Cooper & William Hoyle Jess Ponsford Emma Berry Luke Berry Simon Cohen Lance McPherson Here’s a selection of the lovely people who gathered at the Global Tolerance HQ in London tonight to talk about ColaLife. Thanks to everyone who came and to Simon Cohen and […]

Tanzania trip – summary of progress

For those of you without the time to plough through all the material generated during the Tanzania trip, here’s a summary with some quick links: ColaLife Pods – what the frontline thinks A discussion about the ColaLife pods outside a Manual Cistribution Centre (MDC) in Dar Es Salaam. This includes a ‘must see’ video! . […]

Summary of information gained from visits to MDCs on 27/11/08 and 28/11/08

On 27/11/08 I was lucky enough to be able to accompany Benito Xaverly, one of Coca-Cola Kwanza’s Area Sales Managers as he visited 7 of the 17 MDCs he looks after. The main purpose of the visits was to agree the month’s sales targets and discuss any issues the MDCs may have. However, I took […]

Another good day but not so visually exciting

Here are the bullet points from today in order of execution: Set up a meeting with PSI Tanzania Got the bike out and re-visited Grace MDC Re-located Lilian MDC and Mwenge South MDCs Got caught in a tropical down pour Bumped into the Prime Minister when trying to get back up to my room with […]