Introducing the Mark III ColaLife AidPod

This short video describes the features of our third version of the ColaLife AidPod. The key features are: It has the same cross-section as the Mark II aidpod It is a two-part design: the lid and the container sections (first sketched here) The lid fits over a collar which is the same length as the […]

Will a LifeStraw fit in an AidPod?

Over the weekend I got a message from ColaLife Facebook Group member Matthew Carter in South Africa. It went like this: The answer Matthew is ‘Yes’! The problem is that we only have cardboard models of the AidPod at the moment. We don’t even have a fully developed prototype and this is one of the […]

Thinking outside the bottle

Here’s the first response to the call for innovative designers. We’ve been in email contact with Jess Ponsford and suggested she looked at making use of the unused space in the Coca-Cola crates as anĀ alternative to removing a bottle from the crate to insert a ‘ColaLife Pod’. Jessica is a 2nd year Fine Art student […]

Answering some of the questions

Various questions came out of the first get-together last week of the ColaLife Campaign. I thought it would be useful to try to expand on these and seek help/suggestions from readers of this blog, so here goes.

Is the LifeStraw part of the answer?

At the risk of complicating a very simple idea . . . let me introduce you to the ‘LifeStraw’ in case you haven’t yet seen one. Tobias Ernberg is a member of the Facebook Group and noted a previous post where I mentioned this personal water filter. This week he sent me a sample. Toby […]