Matthew Taylor on globalisation and the G20

I was honoured to be asked by David Wilcox and the folks at to put the questions of Yoosk members to Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive of the RSA and ex political adviser to Tony Blair. That bit was easy . . . asking the questions again afterwards to an empty chair, to get the […]

ColaLife on BBC (UK) National Radio (27/12/08)

On Saturday, 27/12/08 the BBC ran a 10 minute feature on ColaLife updating the initial interview back in June on the BBC Radio 4 programme, iPM. It includes bits from the original interview in June 2008, an update on progress and the vision from me and a clever audio cut from the frontline video filmed […]

A holiday gift for all ColaLife supporters

Happy holidays everyone! ColaLife is likely to be featured as ‘a highlight of the year’ in BBC Radio 4’s iPM programme (scroll down to ‘Greatest Hits’) on 27/12/08. If you are near a radio in the UK at 17:30 GMT on that day please tune in. Alternatively you can listen via the internet on the […]

Many thanks to newstalk

The ColaLife Facebook Group has received a boost today thanks to Sean Moncrieff and all the lovely people at newstalk radio, Ireland. Thanks particularly to newstalk listeners Stephen Byrne and Neil Curran who actually posted positive messages on the wall of the Facebook Group. I was interviewed over the phone this afternoon by Sean . […]

Thanks to talkSPORT listeners

The Facebook Group numbers were up by more than the usual this morning thanks to talkSPORT listeners across the country. Thanks to all those who followed through from the interview that went out in the very early hours of this morning. We are now 5,710. I got a call while on the train yesterday morning […]

BBC World Service Interview – 13/7/08

Here is today’s interview on the BBC World Service. I was expecting something much more linked up. During the week we’d talked about linking it to the WaterAid publication (Tackling the silent killer) that came out last week to coincide with the G8 Summit. In the end it was a standalone slot just 4 minutes […]

Coca-Cola Campaign to be discussed on the BBC World Service

On Sunday (13/7/08) at 5am (BST) I’ll be on my bike on my way to BBC Bush House for the Weekend edition of The World Today on the BBC World Service. I’ll be discussing the Coca-Cola Campaign with a panel of people which includes a Professor of Econmic Development from Kenya who will be in […]

Summary of progress to date – Interview with David Wilcox

Here is a status report delivered through a 3 minute video interview with David Wilcox at Simon Berry from David Wilcox on Vimeo.

A video of the full interview with iPM

Many thanks are due to my friend David Wilcox for filming, editing and uploading the full interview with Jennifer Tracey of iPM. Here it is – cheers David: Simon Berry interviewed by BBC iPM from David Wilcox on Vimeo. The edited (audio-only) interview is here. Further information: All of the Coca Cola campaign posts

Follow-up interview with iPM’s Jennifer Tracey

I was very grateful to have been invited to contribute to the inspiring 2gether08 event last Thursday. I attended with two hats on. In my current role as secondee to CLG, I’d gone there to check out my hunch that this is the sort of event and network that local and national Government needs to […]