ColaLife on EBC News Taiwan

I was very pleased to receive this news clip from Taiwan this week. In aired on EBC News several times over the weekend (7-8 May 16). The feature is based on an interview I gave after the Social Enterprise Summit in Taipei last month (17-Apr-16). The EBC editing team have done a fantastic job at […]

Simon Berry talks to George Phiri of Hone FM 94.1

Yesterday (25-Nov-15) morning I participated in an hour-long radio programme with colleagues from Pharmanova and Keepers Zambia Foundation on Hone FM 94.1 in Lusaka. Our host was George Phiri and the subject was kit Yamoyo. Here’s a clip that George sent me. The context is that at the end of the programme George asked us all […]

Podcast and download of panel discussion on ABC Radio, Australia – Sunday 26-Jul-15

The panel discussion on ABC Radio Australia went ahead as planned. The ABC Radio report on the programme is here and you can listen to programme again and download an MP3 of the broadcast here (right-click and select Save As…). For archive purposes the MP3 is also available on ColaLife’s sound archive on SoundCloud. Listen on SoundCloud […]

Earth Beat ColaLife Interview | 4/3/11

At the end of February, while walking the dog, I got a call from Louise Stoddard a producer for the Earth Beat Programme on Radio Netherlands Worldwide. She was interested to hear about ColaLife – Louise had heard about us through our friends at Africa Gathering. Anyway the outcome of this is that I was […]

ColaLife interview with World Vision Report | 11 Dec 2010

Can Coke add life? Here is the interview with World Vision Report published today (11/12/10). World Vision Report ColaLife Interview | 11 Dec 2010 by colalife

The BBC World Service interview featuring Coca-Cola

For those of you who missed it, the interview (not the whole programme)  is now available to listen to again here (9mins).

ColaLife on the BBC World Service this Monday (8/11/10)

It all started with a tweet. This one: Two weeks ago I was driving through Lusaka listening to Claudia Hammond’s ‘Health Check’ programme on the BBC World Service which transmits on FM in Lusaka. At the end of the programme Claudia said she was on Twitter, so I tweeted. A series of exchanges resulted in […]

ColaLife live on CNN

Prism Anchorman, Stan Grant. Image credit: CNN We live in a global community. On Wednesday afternoon (24/2/10) I will pop into the CNN Studios near Oxford Circus in London to be interviewed live by Stan Grant who will be in Abu Dhabi delivering CNN’s Prism programme. Prism is the half-hour news programme, broadcast from Sunday […]

ColaLife moves on the rest of Europe – Part 1

I was interviewed in August for Germany’s on-3 radio over Skype. And here is what was broadcast on 18/8/09 (my bits are in English!):

A conversation with Mark Ellis of sounddelivery

Simon Berry ColaLife Know How Non-Profit Interview | sounddelivery by colalife > A big thank you to the folks at sounddelivery, Mark Ellis and Eric Whelan in particular, for the creativity that went into this audio feature which was recorded on the evening of 25/3/09 and summarised the ColaLife story so far. The feature mixes […]