More on SODIS (Solar Disinfection [of water]) – another innovation?

The concept: PET AidPods on a tin roof Image source: Wikipedia We’ve had a great response to the idea that the ColaLife AidPods might be made of PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) and used to disinfect the water mothers need to make up oral rehydration solution. Dr Kevin G McGuigan, Coordinator EU SODISWATER Project, Dublin University, who […]

Are Coca-Cola going to be first or are they just going to follow?

I’ve been thinking (always dangerous). And I predict that, in 10 years time, it will be considered unethical for a commercial operation to indulge in mono-product distribution in developing countries. I think this will be indefensible both from a social and environmental point of view. I reckon that if anyone says “We distribute xyz (=commercial […]

Creative juices start to flow . . .

There is nothing like the prospect of a ColaLife face to face meeting to get the creative juices flowing! These badge designs just popped into my mailbox from Bertie Bosr├ędon. Thanks Bertie. Which one would you wear?

More thoughts on the ColaLife AidPod design

01: ColaLife AidPod with end cap(s) – click on the image to enlarge. 02: ColaLife AidPod (single piece) – click on the image to enlarge. 03: ColaLife AidPod with end lid – click on the image to enlarge. Your comments please . . . .

Introducing the AIDPOD concept

Click on the images to see them full-size on Flickr. While in Tanzania I mocked up two types of ‘ColaLife’ pods and went out to get people’s reaction to them. The ‘wedge’ pod was much more popular than the ‘tube’, because the tube would displace a bottle. There are other very significant benefits from moving […]

Any questions?

[image of visa – removed] I’m off! And here’s my visa to prove it. But before I go, please help me out with ideas of what information I should try and gather while I’m there. I got a load of questions from Julian this morning that were really helpful in giving me ideas on who […]

DRAFT submission to Google’s Project 10^100

Here is a first go at answers to the questions asked by Google’s Project 10^100. We’ve posted them here so others can comment and make the submission better. The answers are in bold. Please comment or send suggestions to sxberry[at]gmail[dot]com. Thanks. All this information will appear on the public site as part of your submission. […]

Calling all innovative designers

Let’s project ourselves 12 weeks into the future and imagine that by then Coca-Cola will have committed to undertake trials of our idea in east Africa. And let’s imagine all the answers we will have to come up with. Like “How are we going to incorporate non-Coke items in Coca-Cola crates?” Questions like this spark […]