Open Sourcing Project 10^100?

Do you remember Google’s Project 10 to the 100th? In the autumn of 2008 Google asked us all to submit ‘ideas that would change the World’. More than 170,000 of us did just that across 170 countries. We submitted the ColaLife idea. The plan was that Google would select the top 100 ideas and ask […]

Google back off from original vision

My Twitter search on Project 10 100 just started to yield results. With great excitement I rushed to my PC to see this: Is ColaLife one of the 100 semi-finalists? No it isn’t. But hang on, there are not 100 semi-finalists! Google have changed the rules of the game! There won’t be 100 concrete ideas […]

ColaLife featured on the Project 10^100 NOW Blog

Hats off to Evan Kroske who has started a campaign to get Google to commit to an announcement date for their 10th anniversary competition which has been postponed twice and is currently postponed indefinitely. It’s true that Google have been somewhat overwhelmed by the number of responses they have received (150,000 in 20+ different languages) […]