Final survey kicks off – feelings of slight relief

Last week the trial’s Principal Investigator, Rohit Ramchandani arrived in Zambia to oversee the final survey of the trial. This blog post has been put together using pictures from last week’s training of enumerators and notes sent in by Rohit following the first couple of days in the field in Katete District. It’s incredible that […]

Getting people to wash their hands is difficult but can a product help?

We know from our own experience in the UK that getting people to wash their hands – in hospitals for example – is an uphill struggle. The rise in hospital-acquired infections and MRSA is a sad testament to this. But have you noticed how techniques used in UK hospitals have changed in recent over the years? The […]

Kit Yamoyo sales fall as vouchers are withdrawn

Our aim in the COTZ trial has always been to test private sector market-based approaches to distributing a new anti-diarrhoea kit (Kit Yamoyo). That was the model that our Zambian partners proposed and preferred – including the Ministry of Health. They wanted a ‘trade-not-aid’ model – and we agreed – although we have been able […]