More on SODIS (Solar Disinfection [of water]) – another innovation?

The concept: PET AidPods on a tin roof Image source: Wikipedia We’ve had a great response to the idea that the ColaLife AidPods might be made of PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) and used to disinfect the water mothers need to make up oral rehydration solution. Dr Kevin G McGuigan, Coordinator EU SODISWATER Project, Dublin University, who […]

Still photos of the Mark III AidPod

Here are some still photos of the Mark III AidPod as a Flickr set or as a slide show below: Update: Video explanation of the Mark III AidPod design

Introducing the Mark III ColaLife AidPod

This short video describes the features of our third version of the ColaLife AidPod. The key features are: It has the same cross-section as the Mark II aidpod It is a two-part design: the lid and the container sections (first sketched here) The lid fits over a collar which is the same length as the […]

Will a LifeStraw fit in an AidPod?

Over the weekend I got a message from ColaLife Facebook Group member Matthew Carter in South Africa. It went like this: The answer Matthew is ‘Yes’! The problem is that we only have cardboard models of the AidPod at the moment. We don’t even have a fully developed prototype and this is one of the […]

Giant AidPod installation at NESTA

Isn’t this fabulous?! It looks like the giant ColaLife AidPod is off to spend some time on display at NESTA whose strapline is: ‘making innovation flourish’. This is a mock-up of the installation that I received last night from Mark at theWorkshop who have put a lot of time (and money) into the production of […]

WANTED AidPod makers . . .

You can now make your own ColaLife AidPods! All you need is two bits of A4 card, some scissors, some glue and a printer (or someone else’s!). Here’s what you need to do: 1 Download both parts of the pattern: AidPod Net A4 Part1.pdf AidPod Net A4 Part2.pdf 2 Print them out. NOTE: Make sure […]

The unveiling of Mark II of the ColaLife AidPod

As promised, and a lot quicker than expected, here is the unveiling of Mark II of the ColaLife AidPod (thanks to David Wilcox at Social Reporter). The main differences between the initial prototype model and this one are: It has a hi-top that sits slightly proud of the bottles – this increases the capacity of […]

ColaLife AidPod – new design to be unveiled on 3/3/09

A small group of us is gathering to plan for the eventually that our entry to Google’s Project 10 to the 100th ColaLife gets through to the final 100. Google will announce the final 100 on 17 March 2009 and then the public will be asked to vote on their favourite idea. Register for a […]

Would you change your Facebook picture for ColaLife?

A group of us (in a Google Group) are working on a campaign to get people to vote for the ColaLife idea if it gets through to the last 100 in Google’s Project 10 to the 100th trawl for the best ideas in the World. We will know on 17 March 2009. One idea put […]

More thoughts on the ColaLife AidPod design

01: ColaLife AidPod with end cap(s) – click on the image to enlarge. 02: ColaLife AidPod (single piece) – click on the image to enlarge. 03: ColaLife AidPod with end lid – click on the image to enlarge. Your comments please . . . .