How is ColaLife’s approach transformational?

ColaLife is not the only organisation working to use the private sector to deliver health products and services. Others include PSI, DKT and donor-funded programmes like SHOPS Plus. So why is our approach seen as transformational? The transformational nature of our work is based on combining the following: Focussing on WANT not NEED. Combining product […]

ColaLife principle: be the glue

etc etc etc We believe that there are already enough organisations, both locally and internationally to implement a trial of the Colalife concept. We also believe that if a trial were successful that their are enough organisations to implement ColaLife on an on-going, sustainable basis. ColaLife has no aspiration to become another player in the […]

ColaLife principle: openness

I first had the ColaLife idea in 1988 when I was working for the British Aid programme in NE Zambia. However, I was unable to share it other than by word of mouth and I got nowhere. In May 2008 I shared the idea on Facebook and look what’s happened. Thousands of people have convened […]

ColaLife principle: promoting micro-enterprise

Image credit: Tielman Nieuwoudt A key reason why Coca-Cola’s distribution network is so good in Africa is that there is money to be made by everyone involved in it. And those that make money from taking the bottles that ‘last mile’ are some of the poorest people on the continent. So giving a financial reward […]

ColaLife principle: local determination

A key principle of ColaLife is local determination of how the ColaLife opportunity is used in each location.  I believe that this will be key to the sustainability of ColaLife. ColaLife must strengthen the existing public health infrastructure, not undermine it. This is a slide I use to explain this during the presentations I am […]