AidPod gets triple nomination for packaging oscars!

The finalists for this year’s UK Packaging Awards were announced yesterday (3/9/12) and ColaLife’s AidPod has been nominated in three categories: Innovation of the Year Best New Concept Award and CSR Initiative of the Year We didn’t actually put ourselves forward for the CSR Initiative of the Year because we are not really a CSR […]

Updated ColaLife Poster

For those of you who like the original version of this poster and have printed it out and stuck on the wall next to your phone (you know who you are), here is an update by the creator of the original poster, Kieran Harrod. This features the production ADK and has been produced to support […]

Moving towards District selection

Crunch time is approaching in terms of which Districts we select for the ColaLife trial. The ‘tension’ between the desire to go for what academics call a ‘randomised cluster trial’ – the gold standard in trial design – and the practicality you encounter on the ground; the way free markets work and the impact of the personality […]

New Year’s Resolutions that will help ColaLife

1 Get Fit! OK, so you may be pretty fit already but you can always get fitter. So why not do something a bit challenging at the same time, with loads of other people and help a good cause too. ColaLife is the charity partner for this year’s ‘Lionheart Cyclosportive’ which takes place on Sunday, […]

Accountable body confirmed and other exciting things

Because ColaLife is new and has no ‘track record’ as an international NGO, DfID Zambia is unable to give their funding directly to us to run the Zambia trial. Instead it will be given to an ‘accountable body’, whose job it is to ensure the money is spent correctly and provide the financial reports required […]

I went on a bike ride

Expatriate life here can have very little exercise in it unless you work at it. If you’re not careful you move from office chair to car seat to another chair. So I’ve decided to get a bicycle. It’s not really practical to use it for work. Respect levels would fall through the floor if you […]

The biggest day so far for ColaLife

Yesterday (5/12/11) was the biggest day so far in ColaLife’s development. It started with a presentation to the Johnson & Johnson Africa Contribution Committee (ACC). It seems that this committee reviews all of Johnson & Johnson’s social investments in Africa and holds its meetings in different African countries on a peripatetic basis. Both of our […]

Setting up in Lusaka

Well we arrived safely in Lusaka at 6am this morning. I’ve tried to keep going doing mindless things like unpacking and assembling the ‘ColaLife Office in a Bag’ and that’s been very successful. The server’s working and so is the network drive (Apple Time Capsule) busily backing up the laptops and server every hour. And […]

Honda | The Power of Dreams

Regular readers will know of my involvement in Honda’s Dream Factory where Honda have brought together nine ‘Cultural Engineers’ who are doing interesting things. Honda is supporting us in our work in various ways. So far, ColaLife has been part of a week-long exhibition in Brick Lane, held last summer (2010)  and this August (2011) ColaLife was […]

Our current thoughts on subsidies

We: Jane, Rohit and I have been working on a Value For Money (VfM) analysis for one of our potential trial funders. This has been a real intellectual challenge and has led to insights we didn’t know existed. The thought processes we’ve been through have really helped clarify the level and type of subsidy in […]