A conversation with Mark Ellis of sounddelivery

Simon Berry ColaLife Know How Non-Profit Interview | sounddelivery by colalife > A big thank you to the folks at sounddelivery, Mark Ellis and Eric Whelan in particular, for the creativity that went into this audio feature which was recorded on the evening of 25/3/09 and summarised the ColaLife story so far. The feature mixes […]

Malaria No More – has the time for the single issue charity come?

Community development is always more complex than it looks. ‘Quick fixes’ are ‘out’ and ‘holistic approaches’ are ‘in’. But I wonder if there are exceptions to this philosophy. I think there are some things that just need to be fixed and I also think that a less holistic approach might actually help in some circumstances. […]

The ColaLife story as told by the BBC’s iPM programme

The BBC’s iPM programme, which goes out on a Saturday on Radio 4, has maintained a keen interest in the ColaLife story. For convenience, I have brought together the features they have created and broadcast in the last 12 months into this post (see below). In addition to these broadcasts, Jennifer Tracey, of iPM did […]

ColaLife – the story so far – 25/4/09

The ColaLife Story So Far – 25/4/09 on Slideshare View more presentations from s1m0nb3rry. Here’s the presentation I gave yesterday at the Africa Gathering event at Birkbeck College, London. The audio was added retrospectively. The ‘Live’ version was a lot more fun! But all the facts are here. The videos and audio mentioned in the […]

Coca-Cola confirm their commitment to ColaLife trials . . on BBC Radio 4

This is a great confirmation of Coca-Cola’s commitment to trials of the ColaLife idea this year in Tanzania. Listen again to the interview here (4 mins 52 secs): Coca-Cola’s commitment to ColaLife | 25 04 2009 | FULL INTERVIEW by colalife Thanks are due to Euan of Coca-Cola and the iPM team who can do […]

ColaLife on BBC (UK) National Radio (27/12/08)

On Saturday, 27/12/08 the BBC ran a 10 minute feature on ColaLife updating the initial interview back in June on the BBC Radio 4 programme, iPM. It includes bits from the original interview in June 2008, an update on progress and the vision from me and a clever audio cut from the frontline video filmed […]

BBC World Service Interview – 13/7/08

Here is today’s interview on the BBC World Service. I was expecting something much more linked up. During the week we’d talked about linking it to the WaterAid publication (Tackling the silent killer) that came out last week to coincide with the G8 Summit. In the end it was a standalone slot just 4 minutes […]

Follow-up interview with iPM’s Jennifer Tracey

I was very grateful to have been invited to contribute to the inspiring 2gether08 event last Thursday. I attended with two hats on. In my current role as secondee to CLG, I’d gone there to check out my hunch that this is the sort of event and network that local and national Government needs to […]

A big thank you everyone at iPM

Eddie Mair  |  Rupert Allman  |  George South These guys have worked their socks off this week to support the Coca Cola campaign and the results came together beautifully at 5:30pm today on the iPM programme on Radio 4. In exchange for a simple idea and interview from me they have: Encouraged Coca Cola to […]

Interview with Eddie Mair for iPM

The interview with Eddie Mair went ahead today – what a nice man! He is even more amusing off air than he it on air! Because of the nature of the iPM programme they are happy for me to publish the whole interview here ahead of the programme on Saturday. How refreshing! [In fact they […]