Setting up in Lusaka

Well we arrived safely in Lusaka at 6am this morning. I’ve tried to keep going doing mindless things like unpacking and assembling the ‘ColaLife Office in a Bag’ and that’s been very successful. The server’s working and so is the network drive (Apple Time Capsule) busily backing up the laptops and server every hour. And […]

Earth Beat ColaLife Interview | 4/3/11

At the end of February, while walking the dog, I got a call from Louise Stoddard a producer for the Earth Beat Programme on Radio Netherlands Worldwide. She was interested to hear about ColaLife – Louise had heard about us through our friends at Africa Gathering. Anyway the outcome of this is that I was […]

Zambia Diary | Day 6, Visit 2 | We are off to Mpika (hopefully)

Today’s blog post is this late night audioboo: More tomorrow. Sign-up to the podcast using iTunes Subscribe to the podcast using RSS

Zambia Diary | Day 1, Visit 2 | Meeting with UNICEF

We arrived in Lusaka this morning on the overnight flight from Heathrow. The flight wasn’t as smooth as last time with a two hour delay to our departure after we had already boarded the aircraft. And then there was the screaming child! I really feel for the parents at times like this. But looking on […]

ColaLife interview with World Vision Report | 11 Dec 2010

Can Coke add life? Here is the interview with World Vision Report published today (11/12/10). World Vision Report ColaLife Interview | 11 Dec 2010 by colalife

Zambia Diary | Day 2 | Reflections on the day

Today’s diary entry is an audio one. More text tomorrow! You can follow the audio diary here on audioBoo. You can read the whole of the Zambian Diary here and the audio diary is here.

Coca-Cola’s commitment to ColaLife – a reminder

Chris Vallance of the BBC and Euan Wilmshurst from Coca-Cola I was able to present ColaLife to the lower school (12-16 year olds) at Lawrence Sheriff School, Rugby yesterday. This was organised by friend and long-time ColaLife supporter, Jon Watson who teaches music there. As part of the presentation I played the extract below from […]

A conversation with Julian Dobson

I first met Julian when New Start Magazine was a twinkle in the eye around 10 years ago. Julian co-founded New Start Magazine with Kath Acres and Jamie Veitch. Kath was one of the first people I turned to when setting up the board of ruralnet|uk and she served as a trustee. So it was […]

ColaLife moves on the rest of Europe – Part 1

I was interviewed in August for Germany’s on-3 radio over Skype. And here is what was broadcast on 18/8/09 (my bits are in English!):

Welcome to the ColaLife office

I am a total sucker for new technology and gadgets and I was starting to look like a bit of a nurd until this campaign started and has demonstrated just what you can do with this stuff. Anyway, I met up last night with my friend David Wilcox who’s been a bit of a mentor […]