PI Global ColaLife Reunion at the Young V&A

PIGlobal and ColaLife Young V and A (cropped)

It was a great pleasure for Jane and me to meet up with our friends from PI Global yesterday (14-Mar-2024) for a coffee and a long chat at the Young V&A. Since it opened last year the Young V&A has been exhibiting the original Kit Yamoyo nestling in a Coca-Cola crate.

ColaLife’s relationship with PI Global started in December 2010. I was at a Christmas event organised by UnLtd for grantees and UnLtd supporters. As the event got underway a smart person clinked a glass and said “We have a very interesting group of people gathered here, are any grantees facing challenges they need help with?”

I stood up and said “We had an idea to co-distribute medicine in Coca-Cola crates. We’ve been to Zambia and there is a lot of interest but we’ve no idea how to implement this practically. We need help designing the packaging.” Then I sat down feeling slightly ridiculous.

Half an hour later Chris Griffin (third from right) came up to me and said “I think we can help.” And the rest is history. The relationship between PI Global and ColaLife was managed by Eric Connolly (far left) and Tim Llewellyn (far right) led the design.

As we moved away from the original co-distribution idea, PI Global stuck with us and supported the transition to scale with Amcor.