Clear Solutions: a new player in the drive to increase ORS and Zinc coverage

Clear Solutions LogoI’m very excited to draw your attention to a new player in the drive to increase ORS and Zinc coverage: Clear Solutions. Clear Solutions came out of the process I wrote about back in February: UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY: Would you like to be supported to set up a new NGO to improve access to co-packaged ORS and Zinc?

The co-founders of this new non-profit organisation are Dr Charlie Jeong and Martyn James and they are on a mission to increase ORS and Zinc use in populations where diarrhoeal diseases are still a leading cause of child death.

The non-profit, Clear Solutions, is incubated by Charity Entrepreneurship, an organisation that supports creation of cost-effectiveness oriented charities. Clear Solutions’ initial focus is strengthening last-mile delivery and caregiver guidance with Community Health Workers, and they are developing their strategy with input from other organisations including ColaLife.

In Charlie and Martyn’s words:

“We recognise the enormous effort that has gone into making ORS and zinc available to so many communities worldwide in the last few decades – including ColaLife and members of the ORSZCA! The diarrheal death toll has fallen significantly, but there remains work to do and we seek to learn from the experience of those before us.

“Though small, we believe that with agility and a focus on collaboration, we can make a meaningful impact on ORS and zinc usage and further reduce diarrheal deaths.

“Your words of advice and support are much appreciated. Please do reach out to us at, Thank you!”