ColaLife to feature in Design Museum Holon, Israel

The original ColaLife ORS/Zinc Co-pack will go on display as part of a Food & Design exhibition in Holon Israel from May to October.

To quote the organisers:

The exhibition, curated by Liora Rosin and Dana Benshalom, will explore the basic yet intricate relationship between humans and their food, and the entangled role design plays in this equation. It will attempt to expose the strategies behind the use of “appeal” and “temptation” in both natural and the man-made realms, and question the illusive position of men in the hunter-hunted cycle. Gathering both mundane products in everyday use and extraordinary objects; designed acts taken of-the-shelf or borrowed from a fantastic scene (accordingly), the exhibition aims to suggest narratives that will evoke the visitors’ both guts and mind.

Necessities & desires, attraction & repulsion, and restrain, preserve, postpone and release; all derivatives of the term ‘temptation’, will form 3 chapters, each offering a different perspective on the theme.

Due to Brexit, shipping from the UK was to cost several thousand pounds more than shipping from mainland Europe. These costs are met by the organisers. However, we were asked to take the exhibit to their agent, Mobull, in Brussels, which we did last week via the Eurotunnel.

Here’s a video of the package recorded on a very windy day:

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We will post pictures of the exhibit as soon as we receive them.