ColaLife featured as case study in two new books

We are pleased to share that ColaLife is featured in two new books in 2023.

Book Cover - The Four Workarounds  Cover - Social Entrepreurship

The Four Workarounds by Paulo Savaget explores non-traditional problem solving. We are particularly pleased with his sub-title: “Strategies from the world’s scrappiest organisations for tackling complex problems”; it isn’t always big, well-established organisations which effect change. Paulo shadowed us in Zambia when he was a Gates Scholar and PhD candidate at Cambridge University and has written about us before (See: Emulating Value Chains of Consumer Goods to Save Lives). He’s now an Associate Professor at Oxford University. His book, which will be published later this year, describes four workarounds: The Piggyback, The Loophole, The Roundabout, The Next Best. Obviously, we are The Piggyback. Paulo has spoken for years about people who “hack the system to get stuff done” and we are pleased to be seen in this way. You will have to wait until the book comes out to learn of the other workarounds.

The second book, by Teresa Chahine, is the second edition of Social Entrepreneurship. Teresa is the Senior Lecturer in Social Entrepreneurship at Yale School of Management. We are a much smaller part of this book – a half-page case study – under Ensuring Financial Sustainability>Distribution Models>Leveraging Existing Channels (page 150-151). It’s very interesting to read Teresa’s book, while retrofitting her framework to what we actually did. It would have been great to have had this text fifteen years ago. Social Entrepreneurship is available now on Amazon.

We’d like to thank both authors for featuring our work.