UNICEF advocates strongly for co-packaging in latest market report

Cover page - UNICEF ORS_Zinc market supply update - Sep-22



It was back in 2018 that ColaLife led a successful application to WHO to change the WHO Essential Medicines List to recommend co-packaged ORS and Zinc.

So it is very reassuring that UNICEF have advocated so strongly for co-packaged ORS and Zinc in their latest market and supply update on Oral Rehydration Salts and Zinc.

Here is the report summary – the red underlining is ours:

UNICEF Marketing report summary


For a year now, we, as ColaLife, have been working under the banner of ORSZCA (the ORS/Zinc Co-pack Alliance) to accelerate the uptake of this new recommendation. PLEASE JOIN THE ORSZCA MAILING LIST to continue follow and/or engage with our work.