ColaLife trial highlights published by the BMJ

BMJ Social Innovations for Health CoverWe are pleased to announce that the highlights of the ColaLife trial have now been published as a peer-reviewed paper by the BMJ in the BMJ’s Special Supplement on Social innovations in health. The title of the paper is:

Emulating value-chains of fast-moving consumer goods to improve uptake of co-packaged ORS and zinc for childhood diarrhoea: evaluation of the ColaLife trial (click to read the abstract and full paper)

We’d like to thank our fellow authors, our editor and statistician for their hard work over several years to pull this together.

We first announced these results as headlines here: Seven of the headline findings from the ColaLife trial in Zambia in Feb-2014 but that was just a way of keeping our supporters informed. The publication by the BMJ is peer-reviewed and so enables our results to be referenced by others with confidence. It also puts our findings in the current context where there is renewed interest in co-packaged ORS and Zinc following the change to the WHO Essential Medicines List that now recommends co-packaging.

Regular readers will remember that we played a significant role in bringing about this change and you can read about that here: Success: WHO adds co-packaged ORS and Zinc to its Essential Medicines List.

Meanwhile our work, through ORSZCA, to advocate for this new recommendation continues over here.

Onwards and upwards.