The ColaLife Playbook launches today (28-Oct-20)

Playbook launch graphic

After more than two years of development the ColaLife Playbook launches today as a living, online, interactive document that is open to all. Anyone can access it here:

ColaLife set out to help transform access to diarrhoea treatment in Zambia to save lives and reduce stunting. Now we want to assist others to do the same elsewhere.

The playbook builds on our experience in Zambia. It is for those seeking to improve access to co-packaged Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) and Zinc for the treatment of diarrhoea who don’t want to completely re-invent the wheel.

The playbook is published alongside a commitment from ColaLife to support its users. We will do this by responding to comments made and questions asked in the playbook itself.

The playbook uses internal and external hyperlinks. The internal hyperlinks enable users to jump around the document quickly to find what they want. It also allows deep links – links to particular sections or images – to help with collaboration and precise signposting between users. External links take users to relevant content on the ColaLife blog and to other resources that provide more in-depth information.

Although this playbook’s url – – has been designed to be memorable, we recommend that you create a bookmark on your first visit so that you can get back to the playbook quickly and easily whenever you need to.

The ColaLife Playbook is one of three threads of activity aimed at globalising our impact beyond Zambia. The first was to work with the Diarrhoea Innovations Group (DIG) to get co-packaged ORS and Zinc listed on the WHO Essential Medicines List. We were successful in achieving this in July 2019. The other thread, which is on-going, is to work with DIG to help accelerate the uptake of this new WHO recommendation by national ministries of health by sharing evidence, developing advocacy materials and seeking collaborations with global players such as UNICEF and WHO.

We would like to thank the volunteer, pre-launch readers of the playbook. Their feedback and suggestions have made it all the richer. However, the development of the playbook will continue as we receive feedback, questions and suggested edits from users.

The ColaLife Playbook pre-launch readers

Dr Boniface Fundafunda
Felix Lam
Federica Luciolli
Héritier Runoro Bahoza
Hope Randall
Dr Ian Goldman
Dr Judy Scott-Goldman
Laura Kollenberg
Natalie Horne
Nick Freeland
Dr Roma Chilengi
Simon Burne
Sue Hooks
Toby Beresford
Walt Buchan



  1. Hi Simon and Jane

    This is excellent! I really enjoyed the read and I added a few comments.

    I loved the idea of allowing users to engage: this is so ColaLife 🙂

    When I received your email, I had already saved the Playbook link to read over the weekend. I took it from the Catalyst 2030 WhatsApp group!

    I’ll try to help spreading the word.

    Quick question: do you have a specific goal with this Playbook? E.g. Scale the value chain emulation to other countries? Formalise the intervention model? Inspire others?