COVID-19, diarrhoeal disease and fragile health systems

Evidence suggests that COVID-19 will have only a small direct impact on our target group – under 5 children and their carers (adults of reproductive age) in low to middle-income countries. However, the indirect impacts, through disrupted health systems are likely to be very large indeed. Simon recently gave a presentation on this to the Diarrhoea Innovations Group (DIG) which you can view here: The presentation is also embedded below.

The presentation is introduced by Robert Choy, of PATH, one of the co-chairs of DIG, and looks specifically at the impact of disruption in ORS and Zinc coverage on under 5 mortality and makes the point that, as we learn to live with COVID, there will be an increased need for cost effective medicines and that the most cost-effective way to deliver the recommended treatment for diarrhoea is through co-packaged ORS and Zinc.