WANTED: Volunteer Readers for the ColaLife Playbook

ColaLife Playbook pages

Since we completed our input into the transformation of access to co-packaged ORS and Zinc in Zambia (in Sep-18), we have been working on the globalisation of our work. How can we have an impact beyond Zambia? Our initial focus was to get co-packaged ORS and Zinc listed within the WHO Essential Medicines List. We achieved this in Jul-19 by working with others – members of the Diarrhoea Innovations Group. This blog post includes the timeline for this work – it took two years.

We’ve now turned our attention to the question of how we support individuals and organisations seeking to implement this new global policy in their own region, country or state. A key part of our response in this area is the ColaLife Playbook. The Playbook is a description of:

  1. The strategy behind the transformation of access of ORS and Zinc achieved by ColaLife in Zambia between 2012-18.
  2. How to understand contexts, barriers and enabling factors.
  3. The processes followed including lessons learnt, mistakes made and remedies enacted.
  4. The tools and techniques used.

The Playbook will be published as an open, living, online reference document and guide which will be continuously refined based on feedback from users. Feedback will be collected through comments and questions from users made in the document itself. These comments and questions will be used to update and refine the Playbook in near real-time.

The Playbook will be hyperlinked to relevant ColaLife blog posts and external resources that provide more in-depth information.

We plan to launch the Playbook by the end of Jul-20. It is already available in draft form and now we are looking for independent, volunteer readers to comment on it so that we can make a last round of improvements before general release.

If you are able to help us with this task we would be very grateful. Please email me (simon@colalife.org), or, if you’ve received this blog post by email, just reply to the email. We will then send you a link to the ColaLife Playbook on 29-Jun-20 and you will be able to add your comments to the document online.

Subject to readers’ approval, we will acknowledge all readers in the Playbook before general release.

Thank you in anticipation.