Zambian Government orders 1 million co-packs

Mother and child with GRZ ORS/Zinc co-pack

News came through this morning (2-Oct-19) that the Ministry of Health of the Zambian Government has placed an order for 1 million ORS/Zinc co-packs with Kit Yamoyo’s manufacturer in Lusaka. Pharmanova, which we partnered with in our trials, is now managing production, sales and distribution entirely independently, on a self-sustaining basis. Once this order is fulfilled, which will take several months, it will mean just over 1.8 million Kit Yamoyo have been produced for the government, to be distributed free in health centres under government branding. This is further very pleasing evidence that our work in Zambia is now embedded locally.

Another milestone was reached on 16-Jul-19 when the millionth kit (all formats) left Pharmanova’s factory. This came from the private sector: an order for 100 Kit Yamoyo flexi-packs from a wholesaler in Lusaka.

However, sales of the private sector formats are a little disappointing. It looks like private sector sales will be down by about one third in 2019 as compared with 2018. This is likely to be a combination of the price increase reported earlier, a fall in intensity of the sales effort and the very difficult economic situation in Zambia over the past year. This serves to underline the importance of sales to the government, to help cover the needs of the population with the recommended treatment for diarrhoea.