WANTED: Hon Treasurer for ColaLife

We are seeking to recruit a new trustee to join the ColaLife Board of Trustees as Hon Treasurer.

The board meets quarterly in London and travel expenses are payable but trustees are also able to take part in the meetings remotely by Skype or phone which opens the possibility of non-UK based people joining the board. Board members do not need to be UK citizens.

A description of the role of trustees can be downloaded here (PDF, 59 KB).

A description of the role of the Hon Treasurer can be downloaded here (PDF, 76 KB).

ColaLife is a tiny, high innovative, award-winning, UK-based charity that has already had a massive impact on access to the recommended diarrhoea treatment for children in Zambia and is in line to influence global policy in this area with its application to WHO to get co-packaged ORS and zinc on the WHO Essential Medicines List.

The new Hon Treasurer would be joining the board at an interesting time as we move to globalise our impact.

If you are interested in this post and have any questions please send them to: act@colalife.org

Applications, consisting of a CV and short statement of why you would like to serve on the ColaLife Board, should be sent by email to: act@colalife.org. Applications should be received by 15-Jun-19.

Please circulate this opportunity to anybody you think may be interested.

Thank you.