Update 2: Co-packaged ORS/Zinc on the WHO Essential Medicines List for Children (EMLc)

WHO Headquarters, Geneva
We met with WHO representatives on 25-Jun-18 in Geneva to discuss our application

It’s a year since I last updated you on our progress towards getting co-packaged ORS and zinc on WHO’s Essential Medicines List for Children (EML). You can read the last update here.

In summary, a lot of progress has been made and we are on-track to submit an application before the WHO deadline on 7-Dec-18. This will then be published on the WHO website and the EML Committee will meet between 1 and 5-Apr-19. We would then expect a decision in Jul-19.

On 12-Sep-17 ColaLife gave a presentation to the global Diarrhoea Innovations Group (DIG) with the objective of engaging the group in the application. This was a significant ask of DIG as until that date their work had focussed in the areas of the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic technologies and approaches and not on policy or advocacy work. But I am pleased to say that they confirmed their interest and we are now working together on the application. DIG members include all the key players working to reduce diarrhoeal disease from the across all sectors: private, academic and NGO.

On 25-Jun-18 I travelled to Geneva to meet with members of two teams within WHO: the Mother, Adolescent and Child Health (MCA) team and a member of the WHO’s EML Secretariat to discuss the first draft of the application. I was accompanied by Philippe Guinot, PATH‘s representative in Geneva and ColaLife’s Rohit Ramchandani participated over Skype.

This meeting generated tremendous feedback which we are now working into the next version of the application. Both WHO teams agreed to support us in our application.

If your organisation is interested in providing a letter of support for our application, please contact simon@colalife.org. Such letters would be a key part of our application.

Onwards and upwards.