Andy Chapman runs for ColaLife in Sunday’s London Marathon

For the first time ever, ColaLife will have a runner in the London Marathon when our chairman, Andy Chapman takes on this formidable challenge. Please support Andy (and ColaLife) if you can – you can do that here:

Andy says:
After running my first ever marathon in the London Marathon 2017 and being given so much amazing and generous support by friends, family and all comers to raise money for Shelter, I’ve managed to get a place in the ballot for the 2018 race. (This was somewhat to my surprise, given the odds against, but it seemed rude to refuse it when offered even though 1 minute after finishing in 2017 I vowed to myself “never again!”)

Andy is running for two other charities (that’s the sort of person he is):

  • the Legal Centre Lesbos, which provides legal support and advice to the thousands of refugees currently interned in camps on Lesbos;
  • Phone Credits for Refugees, who use public donations to buy pay-as-you-go credits for refugees all over Europe so that they can stay in touch with their friends and families.