Evidence gathering for our application to get co-packaged ORS and Zinc on the WHO Essential Medicines List (EML)

Completing the stock level questionnaire in Western Province

This photo came through yesterday (30-Nov-17) on our project WhatsApp Group. It features Akufuna and Lois, the two Keepers Zambia Foundation staff in Western Province. They are at a health centre and Akufuna is collecting the stock level information for ORS and Zinc since Jan-15. We expect that this survey will provide part of the evidence for our hypothesis that while ORS and Zinc are supplied separately they are less likely to be in stock and the same time and therefore less likely to be dispensed together. This evidence will be used as part of our submission to WHO to get co-packaged ORS and Zinc on the WHO Essential Medicines List for Children (EMLc).

This data collection is also part of the endline survey for the KYTS-ACE Project which has been working to ensure co-packaged ORS and Zinc is available free in health centres in Mongu District. As regular readers will know, the co-packaged ORS and Zinc available is a government version of the commercial Kit Yamoyo. This is referred to officially at the “GRZ ORS/Zinc co-pack” but everyone calls it Kit Yamoyo!

GRZ ORS and Zinc co-pack

My desk SE15 3DR

As an aside, I find it very pleasing that the form Akufuna is using to collect the data was created and delivered to his tablet from my humble desk in the corner of my bedroom in south east London! And I can now see the data he collected.

Technology never fails to amaze me.