WANTED: Two more challenge seekers

We are looking for two more people to join two of us on a fundraising bicycle ride from Caen to Cannes. If you’ve always wanted to do a long distance bike ride but aren’t sure where to start, this is for you. Equally, if you are an experienced cyclist and fancy a ride across France, please join us.
Ride Card C2C2017

The ride will be challenging but fun. It’s not a race and we will stick together. We will be staying in pre-booked accommodation along the way. You can download the ‘Ride Card’ here. This gives the details of each stage.

We will have generous lunch breaks when we will eat French bread sandwiches made with ham and cheese which taste amazing when you have just expended 2,000 calories! We will enjoy French cuisine in the evenings. Supporters, family and friends will be able to follow us on Twitter (@C2C_2017) and WhatsApp.

The other two riders are Nigel Bolding and me (Simon Berry). Nigel and I have both turned 60 and rode from Boulogne to Biarritz (B2B) in 2010 to raise the initial funding for ColaLife which enabled the first exploratory trips to Zambia to assess interest in the ColaLife idea and develop the trial plan. Now that the national scale-up is well underway in Zambia, we are riding to raise money to kick-start ColaLife’s Globalization Plan which will spread the Zambian experience to other countries and save many more young lives.

Please comment on this blog post, email simon@colalife.org or hit ‘reply’ if you’ve receive this blog post by email for more information or to express your interest in joining us.

The small print
Distance: 1,100km (approx).
Fund raising target: £6,000 (total) – £1,500 per rider.
Number of riders: 2 to 4.
Dates: 21-Sep-17 (overnight ferry to Caen); 30-Sep-17 arrive in Cannes, 1-Oct-17 fly back to the UK from Nice.
Expenses: All riders to cover all their own expenses: travel, accommodation, food, drink etc (estimated at around £1,000). No expenses will go through the ColaLife books.
Donations/sponsorship: ColaLife will receive all donations. These would be through our event page on ColaLife’s Virgin Money Giving and/or direct donations to ColaLife from individual givers.
Risk: All riders will participate at their own risk and will organise their own European Health Insurance Cards prior to the ride.
Accommodation: We will stay in pre-booked accommodation along the route.
Approach: This is fundraising activity, not a race. We will cycle as a group and support each other as required along the way. There will be no support vehicle.
Hashtag: #C2C2017.

Onwards and upwards.