Improving the effectiveness of retailer support – retailer maps

We are constantly seeking ways to improve the effectiveness of our scale-up work and a key aspect of this is the effectiveness of the support we provide to Kit Yamoyo retailers. This support is centred on monthly visits to retailers to check on how the are doing. Do they have stock? What is demand like? Are they displaying Kit Yamoyo properly? Do they have point of sale materials in place and so on. We track all of these key performance indicators (KPIs) using our ‘KPI Dashboard’ which we publish here:

But what about the retailers that we are not visiting? As the number of retailers increases it becomes more difficult to keep track of them all spatially. They are all listed on the tablets used by fieldworkers but where are they exactly? Which other retailers are close to retailer LSK057? Are we re-visiting the same retailers every month and forgetting others? These are the questions that will be answered by the new retailer maps that we will be publishing monthly here: The latest one is embedded below (if you are reading this in your email please follow this link:

These maps will be used by field workers when they do their monthly ‘route planning’ where they list which retailers they will attempt to visit on which days during the month. Initially field workers will focus on the retailers marked with a red pin as these have not been visited for more than three months. At the end of the month all pins should be green expect in Lusaka District where there are many more retailers and the aim is to visit 50% retailers in each month (not 100%). So here we will aim for 50% green 50% yellow pins and no red pins.

A note on Eastern and Southern provinces
Due to a lack of funding we are unable to support retailers in the whole of Southern Province and in the eastern part of Eastern Province at the present time so the pins in these areas will be red for the time being.

Retailers without pins
In the areas where we are active we have the GPS coordinates for 84% of the retailers. This month (Feb-17) there will be an emphasis to visit those whose GPS coordinates we do not yet have in order the make the mapping complete.