Shoprite pass the drop in the Kit Yamoyo ex-factory price to their customers

Today pictures started coming into our ‘Shoprite Watch’ WhatsApp group confirming that Shoprite is passing on the drop in the ex-factory price of Kit Yamoyo to their customers.

Shoprite Kabanana 8.59 Shoprite Chipata 8.59
Shoprite Kabanana (Lusaka) | Shoprite Chipata (Eastern Province)

Shoprite have reduced the retail price from K9.59 to K8.59 (a reduction of 10.4%). This is fantastic news in an environment of high inflation (~20%) and where price is everything. A significant number of the small community retailers we have trained use Shoprite as their wholesaler and so this will make it possible for them to reduce their prices too.

Onwards and upwards.